Integrated Swab Robot

The Novaxion swab robot can be installed on new or existing IS/AIS machines with FlexIS controls to swab the blank molds and neck rings. By implementing the auto swab cycle in the FlexIS controls, the robot provides “swab on the fly” to the blank molds. This frees operators to manage the process sensor systems to achieve higher output from the machine.

From a safety perspective the swab robot decreases the risk of accidents by reducing the number of operator interactions with the machine. In an 8 hour shift, an operator performs approximately 700 swab movements, lifting the arm to activate the manual swab cycle more than 200 times. The swab robot, which is designed for repetitive work, is an ideal replacement and an ergonomic improvement to avoid repetitive strain injuries.

Bucher Emhart Glass supplies machines with swab robots that are fully integrated with FlexIS control from our factories in Sweden and Malaysia. For retrofit installation an interface connection box is mounted in the cabinets for each section. Integrating swab robots with forming machines is part of our strategy to provide automation solutions to our customers for increased profitability.