Performance Optimization


Bucher Emhart Glass is able to document and optimize line operation throughout the production process with the technology supplied in both the glass container manufacturing and the inspection equipment. Our technical experts can work with you to enhance the production of a specific line or an entire factory. The line optimization program requires Bucher Emhart Glass IS machines and preferably Bucher Emhart Glass inspection technology where the complete production line can be reviewed. From this information, an action plan will be developed and confirmed.

A performance optimization action plan may include:


Bucher Emhart Glass will recommend suitable equipment and automation upgrades to increase performance.

Mold & Cavity Design

Available services include:

  • Accessory selection
  • Mold cooling analysis
  • Cavity design (parison design, including forming simulation)
  • Mold equipment drawing set
  • Container producibility analysis
  • Container property analysis

Production Support

Bucher Emhart Glass global team of highly experienced Production Specialists support your production on-site.